Don't Make Resolutions, Create Habits

Don’t set yourself up for failure in 2018. Aim small, miss small.

In order to have any sustainable health change, you need to stop thinking of your journey as a diet and see it for what it really should be – a positive lifestyle change.

Resolutions are destined to fail, so do this instead..

So, if you're going to make New Year's resolutions, here's some tips to help you make them work: Focus on habits and work on one habit at a time Set realistic, specific goals. Focus on smaller habits related to your goal ie; "For two weeks I will try to add a half cup of protein rich veggies to each meal"

Don’t skip the Christmas cookies (or any other food you enjoy), find the balance

The Christmas season is a time of joy and celebration. It's a time to enjoy friends and family, laugh, smile, and decompress from the year gone by... To truly be healthy, we must find the balance in our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

Debunking the myth of ‘detoxing’

Anybody claiming that they have something that will help you to detox should be treated with an appropriate degree of skepticism, because the claim that anything, apart from your kidneys and liver, will remove stuff that is toxic to you is talking complete lies.

Don’t make resolutions, make small commitments

Rather than make resolutions that have the social stigma of being destined to fail, what can you commit to trying for just 30 days? It can be anything health related (mental, physical, emotional), all are important to overall wellness. Join us at our Facebook community and tell us what you are willing to commit to trying … Continue reading Don’t make resolutions, make small commitments