Are you ready to kick 2017 off with a bang?

Our group on Facebook is looking forward to a fantastic 2017. Each week we are looking forward to:

  • Monday challenges – weekly challenges that are easy and fun, a good way to get the week moving
  • Tuesday topics to discuss
  • Wednesday health, fitness and motivation tips
  • Tasty Thursday recipes
  • Friday fitness –  a fun workout each week that you can complete over the weekend (with options and ideas regardless of your fitness level)

If you haven’t joined us yet, come on over to Rising Phoenix Healthy Habits and join in the fun! Here’s a sample of the fun (and this week’s challenge)

Let’s start the New Year off right and with INTENTION. Time to get creative!

Have you ever heard of a vision board?! Whether you said yes or no- your challenge this week is to MAKE ONE! 

So what is a vision board?

A vision board is basically a board (made out of poster or cork) where you post meaningful pictures or words that represent goals, attributes, or things you would like to attract and work towards in your life.

I believe in being proactive rather than reactive in your life.

Part of that means you have to FIRST know what you WANT!

Once you know that… you can move forward toward your goals.

Your vision board will serve as a source of inspiration. It’s there to keep you focused, motivated, and to recharge you with positive energy.

The one rule of creating a proper vision board is this: ANYTHING is allowed and there are no limitations! Just open your mind and don’t let anything hold you back.

Here’s how to create your vision board:

1. Pick out your board: cork board, poster board, pin board, etc.
2. Next, get markers, stickers, a glue stick, scissors, and a lot of magazines that you love.
3. Next, cut and paste words or pictures from the magazines of quotes, sayings, or affirmations that you love, places you want to visit, and images that reflect your personal or professional goals … basically anything you want for yourself or in your life – as long as it represents something meaningful and important to you.
4. Once you’re happy with your vision board, place it somewhere that you’ll see it every day!

So- are you up for living 2017 with INTENTION and creating your vision board this week?

If yes, let me know and post a pic of your vision board once it’s complete!

#BeBetter #BeConsistent #ChaseThePossible

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